Twinings Herbal Tea Bag Assortment (Pack of 40) with By The Cup Honey Sticks



Author: By The Cup

Brand: By The Cup


  • 40 Count Twinings Herbal Tea Bags; 13 flavor variety pack
  • By The Cup Honey Sticks, 100% Pure Domestic US Grade A Honey; No Flavorings, Additives, or Coloring Added
  • Flavors include: Pure Peppermint, Berry Fusion, Buttermint, Camomile, Honey & Vanilla, Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange, Lemon Delight, Lemon & Ginger, Nightly Calm, Orange & Cinnamon Spice, Pomegranate & Raspberry, Pure Camomile, Pure Rooibos Red, Wild Berries Herbal
  • Naturally Caffeine-Free; Made from a variety of citrus or berry fruits, herbs and spicesIndividually wrapped tea bags; Packaged in a gift box
  • In cases of manufacturer production shortages, substitutions may be made with comparable items

Package Dimensions: 84x193x209

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Our Twinings Herbal Tea Variety Includes 40 Individually Wrapped Tea Bags.
(4) Pure Peppermint and 3 each of the Following 12 Flavors Plus 1 Pack of By The Cup Honey Sticks!
(3) Berry Fusion
(3) Buttermint
(3)Camomile, Honey & Vanilla
(3) Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange
(3) Lemon Delight
(3) Lemon & Ginger
(3) Nightly Calm
(3) Orange & Cinnamon Spice Herbal
(3) Pomegranate & Raspberry
(3) Pure Camomile Herbal Tea
(3) Pure Rooibos Red Herbal Tea
(3) Wild Berries Herbal Tea
(10) By The Cup Honey Sticks

UPC: 684191143328