MegaWise Vacuum Sealer Machine | 80kPa Suction Power| Bags and Cutter Included | Compact One-Touch Automatic Food Sealer with External Vacuum System | Dry Moist Fresh Modes for All Saving needs




Color: Black


  • *80kpaSuction Power* Updated 2023 vacuum sealer uses a DC motor pump with electromagnetics and pure copper for enhanced suction power. It sucks all air out TIGHTLY to preserve your meat and vegetables for 10 times LONGER or more to prevent oxidation . Updated version solved many issues found from previous version.
  • *Works with more Food Types” Updated unit has a MOIST mode that removes liquids (as much as 10ml) from your meat or fish with a tight seal. Dry mode to work with food without water; Vac Pulse allows you to control how much you want to vacuum (e.g. marinated beef with juice without sucking liquids out); SEAL MODE to seal snack leftovers. Vacuum hose included to vacuum storage jars and wine bottles.
  • *One-Touch Automatic Vac/Seal Operation * So easy, quick and practical: With the one touch button, you can get the food vacuumed and sealed tightly in 10-20 seconds . The 11.8in sealing bar works with most bags. Updated ver. works over 50 cyles without overheating. Ehanced structure for durability.
  • *COMPACT with Builtin Cutter* This vacuum sealer machine is only 15.2*4.1*2.3in and (2.3lb) taking minimum storage or countertop space. 10 vacuum bags are included to get you started. Search Megawise vacuum bag to get more bags.
  • *Megawise Quality and Support* MEGAWISE designs and makes product with the methodology of LEAN for delivering the best quality to you. And in the event of any problem, you can contact the friendly 24*7 live chat support team of Megawise.
  • “Improved handling with Watery Food” This updated version handles food such as fish with water better than most other machines with a special design in structure, electronic system and software together to surpass the so called big brands. If you had trouble with other machine sealing food with liquids, this machine would handle it.

Package Dimensions: 103x410x1420

Details: Why You Need Vacuum Sealing?

Are you troubled of how to maintain the food when you are back from the market with one trunk food? That’s the time to buy a vacuum sealing machine. It gives you 4S advantages: Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving and Money Saving. With a vacuum sealer, you’ll say goodbye to the long time driving to the market, crowd and unorganized refrigerator and freezer with ice burned and tainted food, keep the fruits, meats and seafood much longer fresh, prepare the daily menus, reduce the waste of food and save more money for your life.

Why Choose Megawise Vacuum Sealer?

80kPa powerful suction ensures 99.9% air getting out to maintain the quality and freshness of the fish, meats, rice, fruits and so on. 110W super power can vacuum the bags very quickly in 10-20s.

MegaWise Vacuum food saver uses electromagnetic perm and pure copper core with higher quality and more powerful suction. The bottom pad of the heating strip has a mica sheet incorporated in it, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300℉, the sealing function can operate 40 times continuously without any damage to the machine.

This vacuum sealing machine is designed with small and concise appearance with easy touch screen. One-Touch design to help you handle the food easily. Two specialized modes: Dry/ Moist modes, to help you protect the food more carefully. With the outside pump function, you can vacuum the jars, containers or wine bottles conveniently.

You will get: 1x MegaWise Vacuum Food Sealer, 1x AC Power Cord, 1x Accessory pump hose, 1x Lower Gasket, 10x Pre-cut Vacuum bags, 1x Warranty Card with 3-year Warranty & 24 online service.

UPC: 788497903249