LuoCoCo Cute Egg Separator, Ceramics Vomiting Chicken Egg Yolk White Separator, Practical Household Small Egg Filter Splitter, Kitchen Gadget Baking Assistant Tool, Dishwasher Safe (Yellow)




Color: Yellow


  • Novelty Design: The vomiting chicken egg separator adopts hand painted design, cute cartoon chick image, one can chortle on each occasion as one watches a small chicken vomit, which adds more fun in the kitchen
  • Easy to Use: Break the egg into the separator by placing it in the top opening and then the egg white can flow straight out of the chick’s mouth so that the egg white is free from the yolk. The process is quick and interesting
  • Good quality material: The ceramic egg separator is made of ceramic materials, with smooth inner walls, which are cleaner, healthier and safer than the ordinary plastic separators.
  • Easy to Clean: The egg separator is easy to clean, it can be washed by hand with water or detergent, it can also be washed in the dishwasher, and it can be used in microwave ovens, ovens and disinfection cabinets
  • Perfect Gift: Novel and cute, and practical efficient to separate egg yolk and white in the kitchen, bakery, outdoor. If you want to give gifts to friends and family, this egg separator is a good choice. Loved by young and old

Package Dimensions: 77x79x159

Details: Specifications:
Name: Egg Separator
Material: Ceramic
Color: Yellow/Pink
Styling: chicken shape
Height: 6.5cm / 2.56 inch
Width: 8cm / 3.15inch
Weight: about 140g/ 4.94oz

The ceramics are fired at high temperature, with hard and fine texture, gloss, color, no fading,
no water absorption, no deformation, which is healthier and safer than plastic separators
Design of hand drawn pattern, looking like a quite cute chick. Makes the baking more
interesting, and children loves to participate.
Non-stick, flexible and easy to handle
Allow to separate two eggs at a time, and easily separate the complete whole yolk
The dishwasher is safe, but it can be easily cleaned by hand washing
The egg separator is the best separation aid for frequent baking and cooking

Use Instructions:
1. Break the egg with Separator
2. Pour the egg into Separator
3. Egg white out of the mouth
4. Pour out the egg yolk from the top of Separator
Package Included:
1 * Ceramics vomiting chicken egg separator

UPC: 824917613661