Food Huggers Zero Waste Starter Kit - (7 Pieces) -Avocado Hugger Saver Covers (Set of 2) + Reusable Silicone Food Savers Autumn Harvest (Set of 5), Dishwasher Safe, Keeps Food Fresh



  • INNOVATIVE PATENTED DESIGN: Silicone food and avocado savers by FOOD HUGGERS, a women-owned small business born on Kickstarter! Avocado Huggers fit perfectly around sliced avocados. With only one set you can preserve avocados large and small. These covers are a superior replacement for ziptop bags, plastic food storage containers, plastic wrap and wax paper alternatives. They also make a perfect gift for the food lover in your life!
  • KEEP IT FRESH: Food is precious and all know avocados aren’t cheap! That’s why it is important to keep food and avacados fresh as long as you can. Foodo Huggers are uniquely designed to seal avocados you haven’t used up yet! Our silicone covers flex and fold over your produce creating an air tight seal. No need for fancy kitchen tools, trays, lids, boards or zip top bags. Simply use a knife to cut your avocado in half, use one half and press the other into the sealer. We got your food covered!
  • SMART STORAGE: The fridge is the best place to keep your sliced veggie and avocado halves for prime freshness. You might try to wrap it up or use a bulky container or some large accessory. These options taking up fridge space. Our savers are small and effectively save space! Plus they are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Store your food and avocado halves with or without the seed. If you choose to take the seed out for storage just press the middle circle into the avocado to ensure a snug seal.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: This is a cool kitchen gadget, but it is also an eco-friendly food saver produced with zero plastic and made to last! Allowing you to reduce plastic consumption and waste production. This cover is thick and sturdy but takes up little room in your fridge. Food Huggers eco-friendly Avocado Hugger will not rip out like other flimsy kitchen items. This means they will not end up in landfills like disposable or less durable products. Even our packaging is made of recycled material!
  • REDUCE FOOD WASTE: These silicone covers provide an airtight seal on avocados that keeps them fresh. Food huggers have created several products to help all your food stays fresh longer. If you have other food storage needs, please check out our other FOOD HUGGERs. Our original Food Huggers are a great solution for storing cut lemons, onions, tomatoes and other produce. We also have Butter Huggers and Food Hugger Lids (silicone and glass bowl covers). Help us in our effort to reduce food waste!